Anniversaries are beautiful, they serve to mark the passage of time with something wonderful and they remind us just how much love it has been passed around in a year. They are milestones we all strive to achieve, but we are not in a hurry to get there. Gifts are meant to express your deepest and gentlest thoughts and love, so that your wife will know how much she means to you. Choose her anniversary gifts carefully.

Make a collage

Take out all the things you have been keeping in the back of your drawers or in your wallet: old cinema tickets to that movie you both liked, little rocks and shells from your last (or first) trip to the beach, little drawings and seemingly irrelevant notes; add several photos of you and her, and make a collage for our wife, something to show her how even the smallest details matter to you.

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Refresh your memories

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since your wedding day, it will always be the most beautiful day for both of you. Remind her how young and beautiful you have been at that time by giving her something special from that day. You can take out your old wedding photos or videos from your wedding day and have a special short video which will tell your entire story. These short videos are heart-warming and incredibly intimate, and many people choose to have these over standard wedding videos, states a wedding videography professional from Sydney.

The love jar

Get an ordinary mason jar and put some effort into decorating it: dip it into gold or silver paint or even glitter so that it becomes a little work of art. Next, spend some time writing down all the things you love about her: the way she looks, the way she acts, the softness of her skin and gentleness of her eyes when she smiles. Sometimes we forget to mention to the other person how much they mean to us, and the love jar is a wonderful way to remind her of your love.

Customized jewellery

Picking the right jewellery can always be tricky (remember how much time it took you to get the right engagement ring), but today it is incredibly easy to get beautiful, personalized jewellery which will be just the way you imagined. There are creative designs of rings which will leave an imprint on your skin when you take it off, or simple ones with lettering (your initials, or just the word ‘love’ will suffice).

Be sweet

Is there anything as attractive as a man who can cook? You don’t have to prepare a six course meal if you are not a skilled cook, but you can prepare her special dinner and bake her favourite cookies. You can even take it a step further and write something on cookies or cupcakes yourself. It is not about the skill, it is about your effort and your love. She will think you and your sweets are perfect!

If you pick the right gift, you will show that you truly now her and that you know her taste and still can guess her desires (or read her subtle hints). It is not about spending too much money so she can show off with something ridiculously expensive, nor you should just forget about the day even if she says it is not a big deal. Show her that she means to you and that you cherish each day you spend together with a creative and beautiful gift.

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