Let’s be real – we all have fantasies that we dwell on during late nights alone with your sex toy or during sex with our significant other. For many people, these fantasies stay hidden in the secrets parts of their mind, rarely shared and even more rarely acted on. That’s a shame – bringing your sexual fantasies to life can be an awesome way to ensure that your sex life is truly satisfying and fulfilling. If one of these 6 common sexual fantasies is on your list, consider making your dream a reality.

Having sex with a stranger:

This one is tricky because if not done carefully it can put you at risk. However, there are safe and still suitably kinky ways to make love to a beautiful, exotic and mysterious woman without risking your safety. For example, a visit to a mature brothel Sydney can give you the opportunity to explore your sexual fantasies with a lady of your choice. All you have to do is book your time and that sexy stranger will be at your beck and call by the hour.

Bringing Fifty Shades to life:

This fantasy has become incredibly popular, particularly among women, since the world famous book and film series hit the scene. All women now want their very own Christian Grey, and while the man himself may be a tad unrealistic, you can still bring this fantasy into your sex life. For the women out there – ask your man to come shopping with you for some kinky BDSM toys like handcuffs, blindfolds, and specially made binding ropes, and then just tell him exactly what you’ve been dreaming about before you get going. Make sure you set a safe word ahead of time so you can play without any harm done.

Bring role play into the bedroom:

Plenty of people have random and sometimes seemingly bizarre role play fantasies when it comes to role play. Your man may confess that he has a thing for school teacher role play, or you might love to imagine him dressed up as a policeman and bending you over the car during a strip search. Whatever your role play fantasy involves, bring it out into the open so you can source the right costumes and get the scene started on your next date night.

Star in your own porn film:

If watching porn is a regular part of your sex or masturbation routine and you sometimes imagine yourself getting in front of the camera and performing like the porn stars, why not make your own amateur film with your partner? It doesn’t have to go out there into the permanent world of the internet, though – it can stay between the two of you to watch during dry spells when you need to heat things up again.

Bring a third person to bed:

This is a fantasy that far more people have than you might expect, but when a serious relatinship is involved it can involve some risk. However, it is one you can make a reality if you feel that your relationship is strong, jealousy won’t be an issue, and boundaries are put into place. You can hire an escort or invite a ilke-minded friend along to join you in the bedroom; whatever feels most comfortable.

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