I’m so happy that Hellen found Mike because on contrary I would be forced to pull her out from the room by any means. Hellen is my best friend for over 15 years. We are friends since college when I met her through her boyfriend at that time. She is a great person but after she and her boyfriend broke up she had a long time when she closed on herself and going out for walks wasn’t an option for us anymore. So, of course that I pleased her will and we started on hanging more inside the house, watching movies, playing online games and all this sort of things.

After a while, when she decided that she wants to date again of course that I was happy for her. Only that she wasn’t quite ready to go out on dates so she decided to start looking for soulmate through online dating. Fine by me. We joined a dating site, we submitted our information and we started looking for interesting boys. The truth is that is very funny to look for all kind of guys. You choose one and start to analyze him, and other and so on. Probably that guys do the same. I was happy to see that she started talking to lots of guys and that she found new people to talk about different things. I saw her a few times that she even went for videochat online and I was happy to see that she was on the right track.


Unfortunately, I got bored after some time and I started to go out again with our group of friends, but Hellen didn’t. She kept on staying on dating sites, speaking only with those people, like she became an addict of the social media. I tried to make her understand that is not healthy to stay at the computer so much time on a day and that she should go out more. I managed to make her drink a coffee with me to the café from the next corner but more than that, nope. I got a little scared because this is not normal. So I decided to talk very seriously to her. And what you think? My Hellen stayed at home some much because she met Mike, a gorgeous blond guy, from a city near ours, with big black eyes and my dear was so into him that she would not leave the room so that they could speak. And she didn’t want to go out with us and not paying attention to the group because it would be so rude to do that.

I was so happy that I was mistaken, but in the same time I realized that things like this really happen to some of the people. There are people addicted to computers that don’t go out for days. So, for those that do have this kind of problem, don’t take away your chance on doing great things, funny things with your friends. Internet is great, I mean Hellen found Mike, but with a limit. Stay online, but in the same time go outside and enjoy life, enjoy sun, drink a juice with a friend, walk into the park, make any small thing that makes you happy.

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