The great majority of the stigmas that culture attributes to masturbation is false, or derives from ancient taboos of religious origin. The truth is that, within certain limits, this normal habit at any age could help to overcome sexual dysfunctions to rescue the sexual life of couples from an eventual wreck. It is used even to prevent prostate cancer.

The New Progress

Serious research and the growing scientific knowledge of sexual life are changing the negative view of a practice that ancestrally had and has very bad “press”, masturbation. In general, society only seems to “authorize” it in adolescence, times in which sexual life as a couple has not yet been regularized. So, it is usually considered that the man who practices it at a later age would suffer a kind of “regression” at puberty. But now with the best male masturbator the options have become much better.

Better Sexual Function

In summary, male masturbation can help maintain the sexual function of the male, and even improve it through the self-knowledge of the body. It is a completely free and intimate practice whose supposed inconveniences come almost exclusively from a repressive culture or religious anathemas, which can become respectable for those who wish to impose them on themselves, but who have no reason to be when considering what is healthy and what is not.

Coming out of the Shell

The  masturbation  has been classified by various societies, over time (even in the XXI century) as an immoral and harmful practice; However, it is an absolutely normal and natural sexual experience, which also has numerous health benefits.

It strengthens the immune system. In 2007, an article in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy revealed that masturbation in men helps to improve the immune system and the health of the prostate. It relieves stress, anxiety, pain and falling asleep due to the release of endorphins after orgasm.

It maintains the health of the genitals in good condition. According to the Indiana University study, those who have the habit of masturbating are more aware of their sexual health, so they take better care of themselves. It improves blood circulation, so relieves headaches and nasal congestion. Ejaculate decongests blood vessels, such as those that pass through the nose and cause nasal congestion.

It helps to know your own sexual response (what turns you on and what does not, as well as what makes you reach orgasm more easily). Once you learn to recognize your own sexual needs and the best way to satisfy them, you can share them as a couple to make sex a more pleasant experience. It is useful in the treatment of premature ejaculation, since with the frequent practice of masturbation you learn to control the ejaculatory reflex.

Last Thing

It serves as an analgesic, it is able to relieve menstrual pain. Masturbation during menstruation has the effect of preventing and mitigating inflammation and reducing the discomfort in general during this period. They guarantee 100% safe sex, since you cannot get pregnant or transmit venereal diseases. It is an excellent way to have sex again after a heart attack or some other debilitating disease. It allows to release the accumulated tension by not having sex in couple and / or to eliminate the desperation at the time of choosing with whom to be able to establish a relationship again. With the aid of the male mouth masturbator now the whole process has become all the more pleasant.