We all remember that first date, some with pleasure, some for what awkward it was and we can’t stop the feeling that we could have done things differently. Or at least if we have had someone that would gave us some dating tips before, our first date would turn out to be something else. If you found someone you like here you are some dating tips that will come in hand for your first date.

            If you go to a restaurant please don’t check-in. Your date won’t be so private anymore. Maybe it is a regular thing this days but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is appropriate for a first date.

            If you’ve met the guy online on a gay dating site or on social media and you have never met in person be very careful on his behavior. If he talks on and on about how amazingly hot you or that he already knows that you are his perfect match, it is a huge possibility that you will never hear from him again. And don’t even try to ask for an explanation, because more than sure it will make you feel like you are the problem even that he is more than sure a player.

            Even that every gay men love to label everyone else, they really despise being labeled. So address him in generic terms, not with silly nicknames so that your date won’t be over before it really starts

            Don’t bring someone else with you on a first date. You may ask yourself ” who does that?”. Trust me. There are so many that being afraid to not fail and also being shy, they prefer to bring a friend to feel more comfortable.

            If his phone can’t stop from ringing and he insists on taking the calls, don’t think that he may not be interested in you. Don’t blow him up. Maybe he really need to take those calls. After all, we live in a really complicated world where we barely find free time to do the things that we like.

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            Regarding the wardrobe, even that fashion changes really often, the basics are always the same. Dress appropriate to the place you go to. No flip-flops, but not either a bow or a tie. Go for something casual, with good taste.

            Be careful on the subjects that you choose to talk about. Never politics, history or else. Don’t kill the mood. Just stay on usual things, try to get each other better.

            Don’t try to hard. You may scare your date. Just be yourself and act like you were out on a beer with a friend. This will also make your date to feel more comfortable with you and this will guarantee you a pleasant date.

            There are so many other things to keep in mind when you start dating. Some of them you will discover on your own in time, while going on dates. Each one of us passes through different situations nice ones, awkward ones, but this is how we learn and we let others not make our mistakes again. Hope that this will turn out to be useful some day.