The gay men are very extrovert. They never hesitate to attend the gay parties and make it known to everyone that they are for gay sex. But the lesbians are entirely different. Lesbians are elusive and they feel it very difficult to reveal that they are from the gay community. As a result, it is extremely difficult for lesbian girls to get acquainted with other lesbians unless they happen to be in a club where lesbians are present. For the newly out lesbian, online dating is very ideal. Since it is too difficult to meet other lesbians and establish contact with them, the new lesbians can rely on the best free lesbian dating sites. However, those who are in search of gay partners of the same sex should make it clear on their profile. Those who sign up with the best lesbian dating sites should clearly mention in their profile that they are lesbians and they are in the look out of same type of girls as dating partners.

Allow her to be your host

Normally the lesbian women are excellent hosts. They find pleasure in either cooking and serving food to others or taking them to the restaurant and offer them a nice treat. Hence, when the newly out lesbian had food with her gay partner for the first time, she need not worry about paying the bill and she should not be in a hurry to pay the bill. She can very well express her willingness to pay the bill and if needed she can pay also. But at the same time she should be friendly with her new partner. She must be willing to be treated also by her new partner. If she is very particular, let her have the pleasure of paying the bill.2

Be free and frank, don’t be too formal

Many new lesbians wrongly think that because they are gays they should appear in a particular style and wear particular type of dresses. They can wear the dress which they like to wear and in which they are comfortable. Their lesbian status cannot make any such restrictions. They can be as they like to be.

Enjoy your gay life

By way of accepting the partnership of a gay woman and being with her the lesbian girl establishes her sexual identity. She can do whatever she feels right and comfortable.

Circulate yourself

Other women will never come to know that a girl is gay just by seeing her. Hence, the newly out lesbian girl should reveal her sexual identity in all possible ways in her conversation.