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Romance losing steam? The occasional dry spell is normal for most individuals and couples. People can get bored with just about anything, even sex. However, if the sexual lull continues for months, then it might indicate a bigger problem in your love life. If your sex life is cooling off in a way that you don’t like, here are several tips that may help you and your partner feel that fiery passion once more:

Try Sexting

Feel like a teenager again (and maybe bring back the horniness of those days) by sending the occasional sext. Consider it a technologically advanced way to do the dirty talk. You and your partner probably texts each other every day regarding mundane things like dinner or groceries. Add a text in there somewhere to cut through the daily tension and feel sexy once more. Don’t be afraid to include specific details (unless it’s a work phone). Sexting can function as a teasing phase so when you are home, both parties are in the mood for it.

Add Variety

If you and your partner keep doing the same thing over and over again, then it’s only natural that the passion cools off. Bring back the fire by trying new things. But first, share what you desire with your partner. The idea is to pleasantly surprise your partner. Don’t try something new without discussing it with your partner first because he or she might not be into it as much as you. Still, it’s important to share each other’s secret desires to rev up the sex once more. The dirty talk itself can be a turn on.

Introduce Toys to the Relationship

Sex toys can increase stimulation for both parties. In addition to new sensations, you two can also experience novelty in the bedroom. There are specific types of sex toys designed for couples. Go buy anal toys in Australia at Purely Adult to up the game in the bedroom and to get rid of that dry spell once and for all.

Add Role Play to the Relationship

Sex and marriage therapists commonly recommend trying to role-play, both in and outside the bedroom, to revive cooling relationships. Most couples are familiar with role-playing in the bedroom. Some couples find it very helpful to try it outside the bedroom too. For example, go out to a bar and act like strangers who go on a “one night stand”. There are similar, perfectly safe scenarios you and your partner can try out to dial up the hotness once more.

Read Sexy Books or Watch Movies

Maybe you two aren’t still in the mood to hit the sack, so to speak. In that case, try one of the best things that get couples in the mood—X-rated movies. There’s everything from artsy indie movies to porn that can get you both excited. If watching explicit movies isn’t for you, then there’s erotica. Erotic literature is great for bonding time and also for great ideas that you may both like to try.

If none of the above works, you can always try seeing a sex therapist for professional advice. Perhaps it’s not the relationship that’s causing the lull. Are either one of you too tired or stressed lately? Try sleeping eight hours and night and see if your sex drive comes back.

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