If the onus has been placed on you to throw your mate a really good stag do, you are going to have to get cracking sooner or later to organize all that is involved in this sort of thing. Don’t dillydally, as there is no time to waste, particularly if the event and the wedding is just a couple of weeks away. You are going to have to take into account many elements, some of them very tangible and others a bit esoteric. Whatever they are, don’t leave anything out. You want to do this right, because you have been trusted by the related party or parties to serve it well.


Keep in mind that the guest list will have guys from various backgrounds, religiously, ethically and racially. You can’t have a raucous party for a guy who prefers a quiet night in. You can’t do something that is too quiet for the really loud among you. You need to find a balance. Find out who is married and who is not. Find out who is averse to this sort of risqué celebration and who is not. For some of the younger guys, you might need to chat to them ahead of time to see if they are of age before going ahead and paying for the female strippers Wollongong and others areas have on offer.


You have your pocket, the overall budget and the bank balances of others to keep in mind. So plot the way forward carefully, and maybe even try to time the party accordingly. It’s a stronger option to throw such an event toward the end or the start of the month, when one and all could be flush with cash. If you do it in the middle of the month, pockets might be leaner. So, yes, consider this too, for your own sake if not anyone else’s.

The drinks

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will want to go to a place that has the drinks you want to consume. Yes, there are general drinks that go across the board. But there are also specific ones that might need to be ordered in just for you. Talk to the establishment ahead of time and find out what they do and don’t have. If you like a particular gin, for instance, but are not bothered by what tonic it goes with, this might affect you. There is corkage too. It could prove quite expensive, but you could ‘BYOB’ if you have communicated this ahead of time and spoken to all and sundry about this happening.

The food

If you line your stomach ahead of time or are going to eat during the event, consider what you are going to eat and what is required. If it is just snack items, some of your guests and the main man around which the event is focused might get hungry later on. You will need spare cash and some extra budget for that too along the way.