Yes, yes, and yes. There´s no doubt about it. Just like teenagers and adults have dates, old people who are single obviously feel the need of being with another person. Relationships don´t have an age limit, so everybody has the right to be with someone if they want to. However, they can actually feel more scared than other people regarding dating; the whole “there´s many fish in the sea” thing can be terrifying for people who´re over 65 years old. Here we will give you some advice regarding that matter.

Knowing Who You Want To Be With Is Knowing Yourself

When young people are dating, it is normal that someone decides to break up because he or she does not know what he/she wants. Many people still don’t know who they are, they are still young. Probably, that is the reason why the old “It´s not you, it´s me” phrase exists. However, the rules of the game change if you have spent more than 60 years knowing yourself.

You should have a pretty good idea of who you are, therefore you must have an idea of who you want to be with. There will be many differences between the couple, but they know how to deal with them, if they can deal with them. For instance, you could not keep a relationship with a person who is a couch potato if you want to spend your golden years travelling the world and meeting Russian girls.

Go To Places, Meet People

The first step to start dating is finding someone to date with. To do that, you must go out: coffee shops, art galleries, forums, any event that you enjoy, you could find your partner there. You have to go out there with the purpose of having fun and enjoy, and there you will find a person with similar tastes and your age.

A Hook-Up

It is okay to feel weird when asking a friend for someone to go out on a date with. It happens to everyone despite of the age differences. Since teenagers to elders, it is an awkward thing to ask, but you might find a girlfriend through your friend, who knows? That is why you must give it a try.


The most important thing is not to turn someone down because he or she is older than you. There is no age for having a good time.

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