We have all been there. Leaving, or being left, break up is not a nice thing to live up to. Doubt, sorrow and sadness are but a few feelings you can expect to meet on this road. In order to overcome these hard feelings, you must do several things, and none of these are easy. So, gather all of your strength, and let us see what can be done.

break up

Day one

Ground zero of your pain and suffering for the future period is now. This is the moment when you slowly realize that you are not in a relationship anymore. Humans function in a very simple manner. When we lose something, or someone, we are sad. First rule is: “Do not hold that sadness within.” If you want to cry, do so. I am a guy, and I wept like a little girl. Besides of sadness, this is also a moment when you must decide whether you wish to carry on, or to stay and fight. Push all of your sorrow aside, and do not be fooled, this is extremely hard thing to do. When you decide, realize that this is your final decision. Ask yourself three questions, and answer them honestly.

  • Am I wasting time?
  • Does this person deserves me?
  • Who gains if we get back together?

The answers will give you pretty clear image on what you need to do next. Also, remove all of those tiny things which remind you of your ex significant other. When I broke up, first thing I did, was to throw away all of our photos and memories.

Day two

At this moment, someone will probably try to make contact again. If you decided to carry on, and leave that relationship behind, do not be that person. My ex-girlfriend called and wept for hours over the phone, but in vain. My decision was that it must end. And yes, I felt bad. I was wrecked and crushed down under the weight of feelings, but I endured. Second rule is: “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only thing you can do.” Keep this in mind all the time. I have always remembered how bad she treated me, and that I was the one who made all the effort to make it work. And there will be definitely promises how “Everything will change”, or “They will change”, but do not fall

break up

to this. Yes, it will be different, for a week. But then will again be the same.


With two days behind you, you will be relieved that the worst had passed. Now all that is left is to dedicate time to yourself, and your interests. Meeting new people also helps, and I have combined those two. I took a long journey across Australia, and hired a girl from Red Door Agency. Do not get me wrong, nothing happened, I just felt nice to have company. Also, a few long walks helped, as well as talking. But, do not go to extremes, and hook up with literally anyone who comes along, it will hurt you even more. Stay solo for a while, and let the wounds heal. You have put a lot of effort to make it here. You have time, take it.

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