It is said that love is blind and more than sure, when it comes to love, you heard the say that someone’s blind week will come, this being a regular thing that is used for the singles ladies that did not found their perfect match yet and they are very sure that it won’t appear to soon, either.

            And it is said that is blind because when you are in love the truth is that the one that stands besides you, for you, it is perfect, it is a person that doesn’t have any defects and it is exactly how you have wanted.

            Let’s say that you see someone that you like. You start to flirt with that one and you are successful. Target reached. If you really, really like that one after the flirt, love will soon occur. And we all know how love is at the beginning. Everything is pink and fluffy, and those butterflies from the stomach sometimes really happen. You want to spend each minute with the one you love, to make everything together and nothing seems to be out of its place. And this is how love and flirt can get in the same equation and complete each other.

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            If at the beginning love is blind because of its intensity, after a while, when you start to discover the one that you are in a relationship with, love needs to be blind. Yes, you got it right. No one is perfect. We all have defects. But when you flirt with someone of course that you don’t think at that. You just like that one. But in time, by living each day with a person, you get to know her better and more than sure you will get to see that there are things that you may not like at her. There can be little things like when she or he doesn’t put the toothpaste cap or it always forget to wash the cup of coffee after drink it. Or can be things more important like forgetting to pay the bills at the proper time, or matter of behavior, and the examples can go on. These and not only are the times when love must be blind so that the relationship can make it through. A relationship can’t resist is two people are stubborn and can’t accept the idea of being more malleable. If you want to make it work you have to be. Because, for sure you have lots of things that your partner doesn’t like about you and maybe sometimes he just chooses to ignore those facts only because he wants like everything to be ok. When you chose the one that stands by you, you chose him for entire, with good parts and bad ones. And he did the same thing. And if sometimes you have to accept some things even if you don’t like or agree them, things that aren’t so serious, just let it go. It there is something serious or something really important than you can always talk about it. These is what couples do. And this is how relationships make it through and last in time.