Wearing a blindfold is not dangerous and does require an element of trust. Sex games should really be played by those in long term relationships where you trust one another with great assurance. Hiring an escort girl is also a good way of having great sex games and knowing you can trust the person not to do too much damage and use things like “safe-words” when the pain becomes too unbearable. There are a great range of sex games that you can buy online too which can add a lot of fun to your sexy games.

Escorts will have several clients who like to play sex games and they probably play more games than they do having conventional straightforward sex. When playing sex games you should remember that men don’t always like to be blindfolded as they rely on visual aspects of sex.

Women tend to love being blindfolded as it makes them feel less inhibited and their fantasies are easier to comprehend. This boosts arousal and the sex game becomes a great way to start of any night of passion and lust.

Sex Games

Between the two of you, there has to be considerations of how someone might feel if blindfolded. It can be frightening and give a feeling of claustrophobia. And never tighten a blindfold so tight that it damages the back of the eyes or leaves a mark on the bridge of the nose.

Also, tying a double knot into the back of a blindfold can make the wearer feel very uncomfortable as it digs into the back of the head. It certainly is becoming more of a modern experience to play sex games in the bedroom, but there should always be some house rules, safe words, fears and concerns voiced before you both begin.

Another passionate sex game some couples like to play is threesomes. And trust us, this will have nothing to do with the Ryder Cup golf tournament. Often, some couples that might be going through a stage in their relationship where it might just need a boost, will resort to an escort or a third party to join them in the bedroom.

Threesomes are very dangerous territory. Men, who often feel unloved and unwanted during a lean spell in the bedroom are NOT going to welcome another man in the bedroom to “show him how it’s done” and even the presence of another woman – one that may steal a lot of the fun and sex away from the man – is also dancing on dodgy territory.