Perhaps you have been to a good few bachelorette parties, or perhaps you haven’t even been to one. Either way, whether you are ready to host or attend your first or your tenth, there are plenty of venues to consider when doing so. Keep in mind the composition of the crowd you are trying to entertain and, by all means, keep the wants and needs of the woman who is about to get married at the fore of your thoughts. Leave her out of consideration, even if it is meant to be a surprise, and you might be caught off guard by some nasty surprises.


Having a party on a boat can be quite a unique and novel idea. Hire the right male strippers and get some bubbly on board, and there will be a lot of fun to be had by one and all involved. Of course, there is nobody irresponsible and drinking behind the wheel or lifting the anchor, but otherwise, you can go for it. It could be a really nice idea to have the strippers dress up and dance to a nautical theme, whereby pirates and sailors are the name of the game. The ladies could get involved by being poor, helpless mermaids or deck hands in Sydney. Play around with the idea and theme and see what you can come up with.


Good old solid ground never stopped anyone from having a good time, but with so many options out there, you must think long and hard about the perfect venue for the party. Again, the entertainment value is going to be high – and will be heightened by the presence of Gold Coast male strippers. If bare biceps and chest are in sight, the entertainment levels are going to be a good thing – and the partygoers will be really appreciative of the invite

Stag night

Let’s not forget the male counterparts among us. They too can have a fun night out with their bachelor who is about to get hitched. Some nice savoury fun is always on offer out on the town. The ladies you hire and choose to join you for this night out could be quite lovely – big busts and beautiful faces are, of course, welcome – but if you are the one paying good money for the service, then the choice is naturally yours. Talk to the company that you have found on the Internet or via word of mouth, and see what they are willing to do for you.

Go wild

This is not the night to be reserved. Join in the fun and make sure that you are doing your best to have others involved too. The memories made will count for plenty. Male and female strippers are a lot of fun – it’s not just about the naked skin, it’s about the energy and camaraderie of it all. The partygoers and those employed to strip for you will feed off each other – and the entertainment will be all the more great.