Dating these days has become quite the online phenomenon. No more need to flirt with strangers in your local bar, you can instead do all of that by typing away on your keyboard and finding the results on your computer screen. But as easy as it is to find people to date, you will still need to meet up with them eventually in the real world. It’s time to step out of the online mode and start looking at the things you can do to prepare for an actual physical date; and the first question that comes to mind is: where do I take this date to? Don’t worry, the choice isn’t so complicated.Image result for The best dating activities

What kind of date?

The sort of dating you’re going for will have an influence on where you meet and what you do during that date. Most traditional dates will involve two people meeting in a public place like a café or a restaurant; but that is not the only thing people do. Some people have casual dates by using naughty adult sites such as and those kind of dates tend to end up in a hotel room on that very first date. But let’s simplify things, we all need to meet somewhere to get everything started; whether it be love or simply lust.

Cinema date

Most of us enjoy a good movie, and the great thing about watching a film is that you don’t have to make any conversation whilst the movie is playing. This gives the two of you the occasion to get close physically without having to worry about much else. Once the movie is finished then you can go for a quick drink and talk about it. Movies help our imagination so you might find it easier to talk to that person after your brain has been stimulated; and who know, you might already have started getting closer to each other during the film. This works great for both serious and casual dating, and either way you will have seen a good movie if nothing more comes of it.

Restaurant date

A full-on meal might be a bit intense to start with but again it depends if the two of you are into food or not. Sharing a meal together is a great way to break the ice and you can always just eat if you run out of things to say. Naturally you will need to be on your best behaviour when it comes to table manners so try to chew with a closed mouth and make sure you don’t have a bit of food stuck on the side of your cheek and you will be fine. If you’re dating for a serious relationship then it will give you plenty of time to talk things out; they say that the way to a person’s heart if through their stomach first! If you’re only on a casual date then a little bite will be more in order as you won’t want to be bloated if you’re just going to have sex.

Arts, nature… the hobby date

There are plenty of things to do that people enjoy. Some of us like music and arts whilst others love sports and nature. As you get to talk online before meeting; why not ask your potential date what they are into? You might find that both of you have a taste for the great outdoors, in which case you might want to consider a walk in a public park, forest or even the beach if there is one close-by. Of course outdoors might not be your thing, but maybe a few drinks looking at paintings in an art gallery works for you? Just pick an activity that both of you enjoy and then you’ll be on mutual grounds where both of you find it easy to have something to talk about. It takes two to tango so just find something that works for the two of you. It doesn’t need to be extraordinary and it just needs to make the two of you more comfortable.