Vivian was able to open up a restaurant from her earnings as a London escort. While she enjoyed her escorting job, she knew that she should have other income to fall back on, in case of illness and other issues.  Vivian was from Bayswater and her diner was very near her residence. It was open until midnight.

It was 11:30 pm and no customer was around, so Vivian hanged the “We Are Closed” sign at the door.  She did not lock it, because tonight her boyfriend, Sam, will be coming to pick her up. It’s been, 3 months since they last saw each other; he was working somewhere else. She was already getting excited as she remembered Sam, her lover boy with an energy that always wore her out, whenever they made love.

Her phone beeped and it was he, saying ”I need a massage”, and Vivian knew that her boyfriend is expecting a blow job, where she was doing great when still working as an escort. Just the thought quickly turned her on and already felt she was shivering from anticipation.


Seconds later, the door opened and there stood Sam.  He stepped inside and embraced her and they kissed passionately. Sam grabbed Vivian and found the nearest high stool where he put her up. Then he touched her breasts and squeezed her nipples.  She liked it very much. Quickly, Sam reached under her skirt, ripped her thong off and slid his fingers slowly down her clitoris.  After a while he said, “I missed your massage” and she understood.

Vivian slid off the stool and knelt down in front of Sam. She undid his belt and lowered his trousers and took hold of his erect penis. This was the massage he was talking about. Vivian slid his cock into her mouth and started licking it in circles. She was teasing the tip of the cock with her tongue; and massaging the shaft with her one hand. As she was enjoying and pleasing herself with the act, Sam suddenly pulled her up and made her lie down on a nearby center table, legs apart.

Sam had an enormous cock and he slid it into her pussy and out again; in and out, in and out and Vivian became very wet.  The movement of Sam’s cock was touching her clitoris, which made her groan with pleasure. In and out three times and then he would stop, and Vivian will grab his ass so he would thrust again. Sometimes Sam would alternate his two fingers with his cock, to give her added pleasure.

It was a very long three months of separation and they both missed each other terribly.  So, they made the best of that encounter and prolonged their lovemaking. Sam continued with his thrusts, harder, faster and deeper, until they both gasped in pleasure and reached climax in deep kissing and tight embrace.

The two then moved to the room in the restaurant where Vivian stayed when she could not go home. Sam was resting, obviously trying to regain his hardness for a second round before they fall asleep together.

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