No longer content to just being the dominant black dating app, Swipe is expanding past dating and now trying to be the platform that helps black locals see what’s happening in their area and plan their next hangout. As Swipe announced earlier today, the company launched their innovative new feature called ‘Moments’ and the new feature has already begin to take off with it’s user base.

We were able to be the first media outlet to get inside the very exciting new moments feature, and the design is characteristically friendly, pleasant to use and with the company’s new purple design scheme. You can create a moment letting other users in your area know what you’re up to or are looking to do, Swipe lets you select from their fun list of preset moments or you can create your own. The presets provides a list of what appear to be popular or intelligently guessed selections. After selecting I wanted to “grab a coffee”, Swipe’s iphone app broadcasted my moment to other users in the area and I began waiting for other people to signal that they were interested in the same. Once someone else swipes right on your moment you will be notified and given the option to chat with that person. Each moment will last for 24 hours.

Scrolling through the Moments Feed on Swipe is also very excitive. It has a very simple yet intuitive design to it. Scrolling through the feed you will see moments that consist of selfies of girls at the beach, pictures of activities happening around you, and just people trying to make plans with other users in their area. When you come across a moment that you like you can just simply swipe right to let the “moment creator” know that you’re interested. You can also swipe left on moments that don’t interest you to remove it from your feed.

My first experience with the Moments went surprisingly well. I swiped right on a moment from a girl nearby who was looking to go on a hike today. She messaged me and then within an hour we were chatting as we hiked up Runyon Canyon together. It was a pretty amazing “moment,” that’s for sure.

Swipe is definitely going to make a very big splash with it’s newest Moments feature. Several, albeit smaller, players have been entering this market periodically, but few have stuck with users. However, Swipe moments feature is without question much more innovative and intuitive than the other similar apps we’ve seen on the market in years past. We will be watching this company closely in the coming months to see how their new moments feature shakes up the app ecosystem.