You may know all about masturbators for females, but what exactly does the male one entail? This is a very exciting opportunity for men to make the most out of their bodies, bringing more guilt-free pleasure and joy to your private life.


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Revolutionising your Private Sex Life


If you have grown bored with masturbation, then a male masturbator may be the ingredient that you need to revolutionise your private sex life. You will be at a loss for words once you encounter the phenomenal sensation and pleasure that such a tool can bring, far beyond whatever a hand could ever provide.

Along with strokers, male masturbators are an excellent entry-level sex toy for men interested in augmenting their alone time. They are completely easy to utilise, and cleaning them out is not a chore at all.

The average male masturbator is also relatively inexpensive, and gives you much room to experiment with a variety of textures and additions without having to spend too much money.

Some people may have apprehensions about using something that so closely mimics a female sex organ in both appearance and application, which is why you can find male masturbators in any shape and form, from more abstract-looking pieces, to the completely realistic and lifelike.

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The Stroker


This is the most discreet design of male masturbators, and is an excellent way for the more sensitive or modest person interested in sex toys to begin their venture into the field. They will generally be designed without an anatomical design, coming with a non-descript modelling.

Strokers will often come with a reversible design, meaning that one can turn it inside out to experience a whole new set of textures. Being limited to one option is the opposite of what the male sex toy experience should be about, so always go for products that provide the greatest level of customisability to get the most pleasure and entertainment imaginable.

How to Use a Male Masturbator

Lubricant is, of course, an essential product which must be used in tandem with a stroker, in order for the proper level of lubrication to ensure that the stroker slips up and down your shaft without causing potentially harmful friction.

You need to ensure that you lather lubricant on both the inside surfaces of the strokes, as well as on your erect shaft. Now that both you and the device are ready, start by penetrating the entry of the stroker with the tip of your shaft.

You can now work the head of your erection around the entrance, loosening up the materials and allowing your penis to get used to the sensations and textures. From this point onwards, you are now ready to enter the stroker properly. While it may feel tight at first, don’t worry, it will stretch and accommodate to your girth properly in no time.