Have you just bumped into someone and you think she is already the one for you? Well, don’t let this chance pass you by! Here are sure-fire ways to making him/her want you.3

Be genuinely interested with her. If you have been usually interested of your own self, why not reflect on the viewpoints of Alfred Alder that people who do not show any genuine interest to other people usually deal with many hardships in life. If you really want to make friends or more with her, you should put yourself out in doing things for her. It needs unselfishness and thoughtfulness. Energy and time are great add-ons. Ask for her name.Learn more of her bio, or ask her dreams, maybe.

Smile. It’s a pretty simple thing but no one can really describe the real power of smile in attracting someone. When you smile, you can brighten up her day. It feels like you are telling her, “I am glad to see you”, “I like you”, or “You make me happy”. According to experts, people who make it a habit to smile tend to attract people effectively.

Call her on her name.You have to keep in mind that her name is the sweetest name she could ever hear. Even when you put all the names together, a person would always be more interested with his own name. When you want to take your friend search into a newer height, calling someone by name sweetly works like magic.

Be a good listener.Get her talk about herself. When you are in the midst of conversation with your dream girl, make sure that you show that you are genuinely interested of her opinion.  Listening intently to her is one of the best compliments that you can pay to her. Apart from that, it will also help you become an effective conversationalist. If you never listen to her, you would surely make them dislike you.  When having conversations, it is always advisable that you ask question that would surely make her enjoy answering. And now that’s a good start to something special.

Talk in terms of her interest. One of the best ways to make her like you is to talk in terms of her interest. If you want to get someone like you, nothing compares to talking about the things that she treasures most in his life. By doing this, both of you might find out that you have something in common. Not only that, experts in depression counselling in Hill Districts also stress out that it boost her self-confidence on the person thinking that you are someone whom she can share her secrets with.3

Listen when she confides in you. If she approaches you and discusses with you her problem, you would be glad because it means that the person is already manifesting trust for you. In this case, you should never hesitate to lend your wide ears and listening heart. After she has confided all her problems in you, it should appear that you are comforting with her.

There— you are now making your way into a more special relationship.

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