There are gender issues when it comes to dating a bisexual. Lesbians do not trust bisexual girls because they have a notion that, bi-sexual girls will always leave them for a man. But, that is not the case. In case, you think that the bisexual person is just experimenting with you, you have mistaken. Bisexual persons are inclined to both the sexes equally.

Dating bisexual people on bisexual dating sites can be tricky at times, but there are a few things that help you sail in the relation smoothly. Here is a list of some tips that might help you in your relationship.


  • Do not bring the topic; which gender do you prefer? A bisexual person would move into a relation totally depending on the kind of interest he has then. So asking the person, whether he prefers Guy or a girl more would not do any good. They prefer both equally.
  • They make choices too: If you are wooing a bi sexual girl thinking that she might be interested in you is absolutely pointless. Bi sexual also make choices of people they would like to date, do not judge.
  • Respect: She is a bi sexual person and you need to accept the fact and respect her individuality and sexuality. The sooner you accept the fact that she is a bisexual the better it is for you.
  • Morality: She does not have casual sex. If you have a notion that she has casual sex for fun you have mistaken her. You have no right to call her names.
  • Do not think it is a phase: Being a bi sexual person is her identity. If you think that, it is just a phase, you are the one who will get disappointed. They are with you because they like you. So, stop experimenting and let her be what she is.
  • Don’t be jealous: Bi sexual people do not get into a relation with every person they meet. They don’t so to another good looking guy or a girl because of his or her looks. They are in a relationship with them because they like them.

No matter, how interesting it might seem at the surface and you might think that it is the best of two world for your partner, but it is a big compact to come out and say that you are bisexual. So, value that and treat your partner the way he/ she deserves to be, doesn’t matter if they are straight, bisexual, or gay. If you’re looking to date a bisexual or bi curious person, joining a reliable bisexual dating site such would be a thoughtful decision.