Most of us have heard the word ‘slag’ before, especially those living in the UK. The word itself is an equivalent to the word ‘slut’, roughly referring to a woman with tremendous sexual appetite. However as times go on, we are starting to realise that the word ‘slag’ can also apply to a male who just sleeps around a little too much. After all, why should name calling be only aimed at one gender? It’s not how things get done anymore.Image result for What is a slag?

Slag encounters

The old expressions says: “there are plenty of local fat slags in the sea”. This basically means that wherever you go you will always find someone who is up for a bit of naughty time. There is no short of people who enjoy a lot of sex, you just need to find them if you want to experience a good night with a sexually promiscuous adventurer. The usual places to find them locally include nightclubs and bars; generally places where this is some form of social activity mixed with a bit of fun. The night-time is however not the only time to find a good slag, in fact you can probably go to your local gym and find more slags there than you though possible. Some people go there to get fit but also to be seen, and it is not uncommon to find naughty women in a gym. Of course most men are up for it so they’re easy to get, but don’t underestimate how naughty some women can be too.

Good sex

That’s the thing about spending the night with a sexually experienced person: they know quite a lot of tricks that will haunt your nights for the rest of your life. It is often the dirtiest encounters we tend to play back into our minds, and those memories will follow us through single and married life. You might think you have had good sex but everything is relative; there is always someone better. Of course we’re not saying that you should push the boundaries of perversion to its furthest, but slags will most certainly add a good amount of spice to your life.

We love slags

The word ‘slut’ or ‘slag’ is often used as an insult or at least a derogatory way; but to be honest most men love a good slag as long as it’s not their wife.So let’s not be too hypocritical and let’s recognise slags for who they really are: a great time waiting to happen. Especially if you’re into sex dating, there is nothing better than bagging a lady who has some proper moves in bed; none of that ‘lying down waiting for you to do all the work’. Slags are amazing and we should not only recognise how much we need them; but also we should accept that we all have an inner-slag hidden inside us; waiting to jump and hump the next available person.

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