Herpes is a contagious disease which causes soreness, itching and bleeding from vaginas, penis and nearby areas. The consequences of the disease are not just mentally but psychologically too. People feel bogged down and went into depression. Their loneliness becomes their shadow for lifetime. Gloominess becomes their part of life and air of melancholy surrounds them. The partner having this sexual disease fears to tell her beloved about his problem. As a result their sex life dries up. It is a duty of the person who is suffering with herpes to make the people aware about this fatal. Increasing awareness about this disease so that we can make couple take precaution while sexual intercourse is the need of the hour.   MPWH is a hope for people suffering with herpes. It gives the people platform to find the lost love from their lives. With the increase in disease, herpes dating have become popular.

Reasons to choose this app

HSV singles have all the right to live a normal life. They also desire for love and care like a normal human being. Herpes dating app is strictly for people who are sailing in same of despair and hope for finding love in their life. The most vital part about this app is that you’re anonymity will be maintained.  So it is time for positive singles to say hurray and live a life filled with love by searching right prospective partner. This app tells the people that getting contact with the sexual virus is not the end of life. There are still many things left explore in this world. And you are not alone while exploring the world; you will have a beloved on every journey of life. This app tells the people that sex is not everything in a relationship. A relationship consists of love, care and support and numerous values that make a relationship strong.